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Proper Coding And Developing Software

Being a coder in today’s world is a lucrative career option provided your concepts and basics are clear. There are some steps that can help you become a good coder and develop your own software over a period of time gradually. We will be discussing some of the important ones herein.

Softwares are of two basic types- Application software and System Software. Application development is creating programs for the user’s needs and system development is about creating and maintaining operating systems (OS). System development also involves data security and network operability. First of all one needs to know a proper programming language in order to develop a code for the designing of the software. Some of the useful languages are C, C++, Java, C#, Python etc. There are numerous sources which can help you learn these languages. Programming books are a major source. Moreover, some sites like Code.org, CodeAcademy, Udacity, Bento, W3Schools, Khan Academy and Udemy provide very helpful tutorials which teach how to code properly with your desired programming language. If one needs a proper degree he or she has to join a college or some learning center.

After educating yourself in the proper knowledge of the language, design some projects for yourself before getting into real world projects. This will give you hands-on experience before taking contracts for some big firms. One can also consult other developers and solve their queries regarding coding by using the internet which is a huge resource.

Select a program which can make the life of the user easier. Examine other programs of similar nature. Prepare a design document which shows the features of your program and also what you want to achieve with it. Next prepare a quick program which shows the function your software will perform. This is known as the prototype.

The next step is to check your prototype for bugs. Test your software manually or using tools again and again. Clear all the issues and then prepare a final program with proper commenting. Also create an attractive and user friendly user interface (UI) which will help the user to easily communicate with the software. Now when the software is complete you can approach independent developers or companies for which you think the software can be helpful and distribute your software. Finally when your market value increases, you can take big contract jobs and also full time jobs with big software developing firms and achieve your dream of becoming a successful coder.

Creating Software At Home

When people are trying to create software at home, they need to remember that there are many steps to follow. The software that people learn to create will help to change the world, but each programmer must make sure they are creating that software in the right way. These steps will allow people to apply any programming language to their new software idea, and applies especially to C++.

The Language

Every person programs in a different language, and people often choose their language based on comfort. However, each person needs to know more than one language that will help them make wise choices for programming. The person that is fluent in more than one programming language will be able to change parts of their program to meet different needs. Also, every person who knows more than one programming language can write for multiple platforms. Marketing to more than one platform will change the way people approach the business of programming.

The Style

The style of the programming alone must be something that people can learn to copy. When people have better access to coding, they can improve on current programs. This is especially important when the programmer wants to create an open source software program for many people to use proficiently.

Checking It

Every line of code must be checked to make sure that it is correct. Even one small section of bad code can change the way a program works. In fact, most programs will not work at all if they are not coded perfectly. The coder needs to know how to make their program perfect, and they need to know that they can continue this output as they create more parts of their program.

The Finished Product

People have to test their finished product over a number of different days to make sure it works. The program must be asked to do all the things the programmer wants, and the programmer must check for problems in the program. The programmer wants to find these problems before they send this software out to other people to use.


The final step in creating software is support. When the programmer is offering support for the program, they can fix problems that come up as people use the software. The majority of people that use the software will find small issues, but they will be pleased to know the author if the program is there to back them up.