Fourteen years ago, Robert Daniels began studying computer programming at his local University. Today, Robert has degrees in both computer Science and Electrical engineering. After securing a job in the Electrical sector creating software to better manage work flow; Robert began to seek out new ways to create software. He began to imagine teaching how to build software to those around him. It seemed only natural to him that the people creating the software should be those that use the software the most. This system would create better systems that functioned as they needed to. After years of researching how to teach simple programming skills, Robert launched a site that specialized in teaching others how to properly program software.

Robert was kept busy by more than just work during these years after college. During his time working Robert met the love of his life, Amanda. They have been married for 10 years and have two young children together. Robert meet Amanda during a seminar at his work, she was the Human Resources manager for a local business. She had a vision for a simpler program that would empower the workers she oversaw to manage their own careers. A software that would show job openings, allow access to federal benefits, and serve as a hub for local events and business activities. Robert worked with Amanda then to set up a system that is still in place today. A few years after, they married since then they have worked as a team and also enjoy biking, reading, and volunteering at their local church.

In 2012, the Daniels family moved to their new home in Sacramento, CA. In Sacramento they found their calling, Robert was able to reach out to new businesses and quickly found work with the local hospital creating new patient systems based on their design from before. They’ve discovered a huge need for more programmers in today’s world so they began working together with the local community college and several small companies, setting up a network that allows aspiring programmers to learn to develop programs from basic code.

Excited about their next step, the Daniels family is now reaching out to others through their website in order to find more people who aspire to become programmers. Relying on their experience they know learning to code for the first time is a long and difficult process. That’s why their programs, which have been proven to speed up the learning process greatly, are quickly becoming favorites of new programmers everywhere.

With all their new found free time, the Daniels have focused their attention back into their local community, where they enjoy outreach programs with the local high school student and several homeless shelters. They find new passion in reaching out and teaching employable trades to those who have very little. Through their dedication they have assisted several hundred people in their local area. They are looking forward to setting up new assistance programs to help even more students in the future.