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Programming Languages

When it comes to coding, PHP is highly regarded as being the most popular coding language available. By learning PHP you will be able to create dynamic websites that react to your visitors action, such as signing up, you can also use PHP to create web and mobile applications as well. Here are some of the advantages that you will gain by learning PHP.

PHP is regarded as one of the easiest coding languages to learn. Many people proclaim that in comparison to all the other languages, PHP is relatively simple and easy to comprehend. And if you have a background in C, C++, HTML or JavaScript, the process of learning PHP will be a much smoother process.

Great Community Support
Another reason why you should learn PHP is because of its popularity. Approximately 82% of all website use PHP programs as the backbone of their web pages. And based on the fact that it is open source and has a large community, chances are that someone has already created a script that you can customize with your new found knowledge, to your liking.

Easy On Your System’s Resources
Another reason why you should learn PHP is the fact that it isn’t as resource consuming as other programming languages. PHP tends to run relatively fast, even on a computer with lower specs and can be run alongside other programs. Typically, it is used as an Apache module, that was created in the C language, so in general it tends to execute and load very quickly. And because it is open source, the community as a whole works together in a collaborated effort to eradicate any bugs and offer free technical support plus a stream of updates that expands the abilities of PHP even further.

When you look at the restraints that other languages impose, such as ASPX for example, PHP is ultimately the best choice when it to comes to how much freedom you have while using it. Since it’s open source you can utilize a wide range of text editors so that you can code PHP like Emacs, Notebook and Bluefish. ASPX on the other hand is just limited to Visual Studio. Also, unlike other languages, PHP can be run on any OS regardless if it’s UNIX, Windows, MAC OSX or Linux based.

Free Updates
The only thing you need to pay for when it comes to PHP is the necessary classes that will get you familiarized with the language. After that, you never have to worry about paying to code with PHP or for any ongoing updates as well.

To learn more, visit: http://php.net/